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“About A Boy”

These 12 paintings are as special as the person who inspired them, my son Jack. Jack is a special kid with high creativity but never really liked to talk. This could be because he was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, also known as High Functioning Autism. Initially, this diagnosis made my wife and me worried about his ability to learn at school, the difficulties he will face in communicating with friends and the challenges we will face in instilling proper values in him. For a period of time, our worries overshadowed our ability to see his uniqueness and it was when we noticed that he was constantly daydreaming that we knew he was beyond special. I was really fascinated by Jack’s imagination and was intrigued to see the world through his eyes, and these 12 portrait paintings of people and characters around him are my interpretation of his world.

The first painting shows my vision of how I see my son Jack. The round head with big eyes with one ear smaller than the other is of course his physical appearance but you will also noticed that I did not draw his mouth since this is never his instrument of choice when communicating. People and things that have been important in Jack’s life inspire the other 11 paintings. Each painting echoes a particular philosophy that stems from happiness and positivity that I value and am eager to instill in Jack.

“Jack, you’ve got to…

Portrait of Jack – be your own you

Live real and never change yourself for others. You can make adjustments to yourself through recognition of people’s feelings but do not ever shape yourself to what people want you to be.

Portrait of Mark – work hard

Be hard working to show appreciation for the chances that you have been blessed with.  Don’t waste the talents that you have been gifted with and make good use of the limited time that you have.

Portrait of Mack – dream

If you do not dream then nothing will happen.  So do not stop dreaming for dreams can be fulfilled. All dreams are achievable for nothing is impossible.

Portrait of Mom – love your family

Love and protect your family the way your Mom and Dad love and protect you and your brothers – unconditionally.

Portrait of Jazz – share

Sharing is a gift. Share what you have with your loved ones and those in need. Share your takings and recognitions with your working partners, share your experiences with your friends but most importantly, share your happiness with everyone.

Portrait of Sean – be creative

Solve problems with creativities. One problem can be dealt with in an infinite number of possibilities.

Portrait of Watermelon – be honest

Do not live your life in lies for it will melt away your happiness. Be honest to yourself and to people around you and you will be treated with the same virtue equally. Be loyal to your loved ones, partners, friends and most importantly, yourself.

Portrait of Peanut – be sweet

If you love someone, tell them and show them.  This gesture can lead to a lot of positivity and happiness, helping people realize that the world is beautiful.

Portrait of Pig Pig – appreciate

To have people who loves you and a safe environment to live your life makes you a very lucky person.  Do not think you are above others. Appreciate what you have been given and love the people who treat you well. Remember to always give back and use your luck to help those who are not as lucky. This is the only way to show your appreciation in life.

Portrait of Turtle – be tough

Prepare to go through hardship in a world that was not tailored made for you. Learn to protect yourself and adapt to your surroundings but never hurt or take advantage of others.

Portrait of Guanyin – be merciful

Love the ones that love you, love the ones that are kind to you, like the ones who don’t know you, help the ones that are not as lucky as you and learn to forgive the ones that hurt you.

Portrait of Dad – try

To try is the first step of success. Try what you want to achieve, try what you want to do, try what you want to sense and be brave enough to conquer the fear of failure.

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