Mark Lui Design Works

Walk The Talk
On may walk the talk, but do not need to live the talk. Here, a professional musician single-handedly recomposes his own apartment, with more life, than talk.

Writer Catherine Cheung
Photographer Courtesy of Mark Lui
Designer/Interior Mark Lui
Floor Area 2300 sqft
Completion Date Dec 2003

On the contrary, in this newly refurbished abode of Mark Lui, located in a recently reincarnated age-old building in Happy Valley, Hong Kong, Lui’s haven of solitude and relaxation presents a renewed perspective into the Cantopop music industry. Here, Lui’s version of musician’s abode is “placid”, which best describes the inherent spirit of this apartment.

The result is a space that displays a high level of sophistication in design. A trained eye can immediately spot signs of a refreshingly different approach. Rather than conforming to the common practice of an open plan, the apartment has been sliced up into a succession of rooms, connected by a central artery of circulation. The 2300-square foot interior is thus experienced as a series of dissected atmospheric enclosures, each endowed with a different mood and character.

Once past the front door, a passageway orchestrated as a dramatic transitional vestibule provides an unusual greeting to all. Lined with timber panelling that continues from the floor to the walls, with strategic downlights casting a mysterious glow, this circulation spine serves as a prelude to the multitude of functional programmes that lie along its length. These include a studio, living cum dining room and cloakroom on its right and a balcony, entertainment room, master bedroom and ensuite bathroom, kitchen, washroom and study on the left.

The living cum dining room is shielded from the passageway by a pair of wooden slat screens, marked by a custom designed U-shaped sofa dotted with monotone patterned cushions. From a distance, the sofa fades into its surrounding seamlessly, with the walls coloured in the same grey tone, adorned by 3D artworks of the same patterned fabric. Elsewhere, loose designer furniture pieces are rendered almost like precious exhibits, each claiming its own territory within the living space.

Although in close proximity to the adjoining kitchen and entertainment room, the master bedroom still retains its primary function as a sanctuary for relaxation. In contrast to the predominant white colour and timber palette in the apartment, the en suite bathroom takes on a refreshing black disguise. Set mainly in black mosaic tiles that envelope the walls, tub and vanity, only a hint of white marble floor and glass washbasin is introduced to counterbalance the weightiness of black. A black Panton chair completes the look.

It seems that the only aspect of this apartment that hints at the owner’s obsession with music is the studio. Still, everything is tucked away neatly inside the white overhanging cabinetry and underneath the work desk. The modest size of the studio relative to the overall footage of the apartment implies someone who is not restricted to his own field. He is ready to seek inspiration from disciplines outside – his vast collection of designer chairs might just provide that great source of input.

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