Mark Lui Design Works

A symphony of style
For music composer Mark Lui, an enduring passion for design focuses his vision on creating breathing space through colour and clean lines — two components which define his signature touch

Text: Teresa Chow
Photography: Chris Lau & Bobby Li

A love of colour is one thing, but using them in your interiors can take you beyond the pale if multiple shades are splashed indiscriminately around your home. For composer Mark Lui, this underlying rule guides his journeys in art and design — his two greatest passions after his love of music.

Limiting his palette to a maximum of four colours in one space, Lui’s designs for a 2,000 sq-ft home located in the upmarket area of Homantin, Hong Kong tackled the issue of maximising the available space — even if the apartment is considered large by Hong Kong standards. Finding the right solutions for the homeowner is key; and Lui says just as important is how the tricky corridor spaces are handled. “When the space is visually extended, everything feels much more relaxed,” he explains.

Beginning by changing the three-bedroom layout to just two bedrooms, Lui immediately created that all-important breathing space in the sleeping quarters. Then, by moving the study to the living area, a home office was formed. A semi-open kitchen offers greater functionality by also serving a space for entertaining, while two sculptural Viscontea pendant lights, designed by Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni for Flos, lend a retro touch to the dining space.

“They are transparent, but not as bright as one would expect because of the cocoon resin surface,” says Lui. So, a trick or two was needed to brighten up the space, with light emanating from the back of the fish tank as well as the outline of the kitchen.

With its predominantly white backdrop, Lui’s choices of palette then become darker to create a stark contrast, in different forms and textures to add vibrancy. “I love wood; I usually use a lot of it in interior projects. However, I made a little change this time by using chrome steel in the bookshelf and TV shelf,” says the designer. The result: an understated touch of luxury is successfully adds class to this apartment.

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