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Design Concept of Memorigin’s “The Time Machine”
by Mark Lui

Appreciating and collecting mechanical watches have always been my important hobby,but when I am asked to design a original watch for Memorigin, I spent a very long time thinking about what is the ultimate meaning of a mechanical watch to me.

Obviously,a watch is a time telling device which was invented a long time ago, although watch makers have been working very hard to develop and improve the accuracy and functions on a mechanical watch, there are many different means to tell time in a no mercy accuracy appeared,for example digital watches, mobile phones or any electronic devices that have a clock on it.But they all can not take the place of a good mechanical watch on your wrist. Why, because there is one very important aspect to a mechanical watch ie,craftsmanship. Those digital devices can tell time,but they couldn’t tell time beautifully like a mechanical watch, and u just look at the time, but u would stare at the device like u appreciating a beautiful mechanical watch.And for me,a wrist watch on a person is a must, not telling people that how expensive or how superior taste that he has, but telling people that he cares about time and he is reliable.

The ultimate definition of a mechanical watch to me is contradiction. It can be very technical yet artful, very traditional yet innovational. Other devices can do its job yet it will always be irreplaceable. When I was designing this watch, I was adamant in putting extreme characters into harmonies. With that in mind, the Time Machine was created.

Explanation of my Time Machine:
-It is very prestige but at the same time it is very rugged, thanks to the heavy metal casing with screws and the 4 industrial looking chimneys displaying a prestige Memorigin tourbillon mechanism and those engraved parts of the movement.
-The case is very enclosed but at the same time it allows you to see a lot through the 4 small openings and the glass displaying back

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